Our whole life is a reflection of how much we love ourselves.

Phillipa Noronha

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I’m Phillipa Noronha. Since my early 20s, I have taken an active interest in working on my own issues, so I have been a recipient of a variety of healing practices. It was not until I found The Emerald Heart Light Essences and Programmes and the Divine Plan (which works with The Emerald Heart Light), that many recurring issues and blocks in my life began clearing in a more profound way.

I have now reached a stage where I can help other people move forward in their own spiritual journey.

If you are ready to make changes in your life, start now.

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People’s experiences

‘My distance healings with Phillipa were beautiful experiences. She is a wonderful and compassionate listener, and a gifted healer.

The Divine Plan healings were something I physically felt happening in my body, and especially my womb space and heart. I now move through the world in a more authentic way and am not afraid to be truly seen by others. Thanks to the support of the healings, I am developing a deep sense of self-love and appreciation for my body, embracing and celebrating my divine feminine nature. I am more adventurous in letting my true style show and finally feel comfortable wearing dresses, trying new makeup, and letting my hair down.

I highly recommend Phillipa and her Divine Plan healings – get ready to step into your power!’

Jaime, United States

‘Thank you Phillipa for the Divine Plan Healings. The experience itself of making a sacred time to lay down and receive is very special.

Each time I felt the Light very clearly and felt so held and nurtured, it was impossible not to surrender completely to it. Each experience has been different but each has facilitated some kind of healing and heart opening to reveal more about my life purpose. Most recently I was left awash with a beautiful and powerful unconditional love for humanity. I knew this peak state couldn’t last so took the opportunity to view various challenging people in my life through this all-loving lens.

This was enormously beneficial for illuminating positive aspects of them previously hidden. This was very healing and balancing.’

Janice, Nottingham
‘Phillipa’s healings are soothing and beautiful.  They have significantly eased the difficult menstrual symptoms I had been experiencing for years.  Phillipa will guide you through the process and all you will have to do is allow yourself to lie back and accept the gentle light.’
Jo, London

‘I feel like I am floating on water when I have  Divine Plan Healings with Phillipa.  I feel deeply relaxed and soothed after.’

Holly, Somerset

What types of healing do I offer?

I work with The Emerald Heart Light to offer both: personal consultations in The Emerald Heart Light as an Essence Practitioner and Divine Plan Healing appointments. Both have their own benefits, feel which one you are attracted to.

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing uses The Light of The Emerald Heart and the Energy of Mary Magdalene, to help you step into your own Divine Plan / Blueprint, so that you can embrace the life you were born to live.

Divine Plan Healing appointments target an area in your life, you would like to change. This is discussed and fine tuned at an intake appointment, where a key target is identified. The target becomes the focus of your distant healing, which I sit and send to you, at a pre-arranged date/time. A High Vibrational, Divine Love Essence continues your healing process.

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The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light is a powerful evolutionary, Spiritual Light, which works in the fifth dimension. It heals through evolving the consciousness of humans.

Consultations are held in The Emerald Heart Light and involve a personal, in depth conversation with me. Your limiting factors (fears holding you back) will be revealed and a High Vibrational Essence sent, to dissolve the key fear.

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