Divine Plan Healing Sessions

Divine Plan Healing

Do you want to live a more spiritually rich, fulfilled life?

Divine Plan Healings use the Light of the Emerald Heart and the wisdom of Mary Magdalene’s Energy to work on a target you identify. After receiving distant healing, Goddess Of Light Essence is taken daily, which extends the healing process for six weeks. This powerful combination targets specific issues, to evoke a transformational process.

How Divine Plan Healing Sessions can support you

  • The Mental Level, to help let go of patterns, worries, thoughts and beliefs.

  • The Emotional Level, to help deal with emotions e.g. fear, anger, grief, love and happiness.

  • The Physical Level relates to the body and health problems. Whilst I have had good experience of supporting those with health concerns, please note, this is not an alternative to seeking medical expertise.
  • The Energetic Level, cleanses and balances the auras and chakras.

  • The Spiritual Level can be used to develop spiritual abilities and to improve your relationship with God consciousness, Angels and any other level of consciousness in the Universe.

  • For your Highest Good, for when you would like a healing, but there is no specific issue or target.

  • Event healings, which can be sent to events for the highest good of the individual / those concerned. They are given to support the event, without attachment.

If you wish to receive healing,
please book below or contact me to find out more.

Book a Distant Healing

Why not contact me to talk about how Divine Plan Healing Sessions can help you live a more aligned life?
This powerful healing can be sent anywhere in the world so you can receive Divine Plan Healing from the comfort of your own home.

Individual Healing

Divine Plan Distant Healing
  • 15 Minute initial consultation to set healing target
  • 1 Hour Divine Plan Healing Sessions
  • Goddess of Light Essence, which extends the healing process or 6 weeks
  • 15 Minute follow up call 4 weeks after the healing date

Cost: £95


Distant Group Healing

Distant Divine Plan Healing Group sessions take place either on zoom or via scheduled distant healing sessions (times and dates will be on the website and /or e-mailed). Participants set their own target.

Next Date: TBA
Cost: £10 (plus £23 if you take the Goddess of Light Essence)


Distant Event Healing
  • To support a present or future event in your life
  • To help heal an upsetting or traumatic experience that happened in the past

Cost: £95

I work within the ethical framework of the Divine Plan Healing School which means I have regular supervision and mentoring with a senior practitioner. Please see the website for further details https://www.divineplanhealingschool.org