“If light is in your heart,
you will find your way home.”


Healing FAQ

Here are some of my most frequently asked questions regarding the healing I offer.


If my website resonates with you, it is The Light calling you and touching your heart. The Light is accessible to everyone. You might be guided to choose either an Emerald Heart Light consultation or a Divine Plan Healing Session, but if you are not sure, contact me & I can help you decide.

Yes, because The Light of the Emerald Heart & Divine Plan Healing works in the fifth dimension (which means it transcends time and space), which allows for distant healing.

These Essences are known as Keys of Transformation. They contain power, love and wisdom, which help your transformation & evolution. Each Essence continues to evolve whilst you take it, because it is permanently re-programmed with Light in each moment, as Universal Patterns change. This makes them truly unique.

When you have an Emerald Heart Light consultation, I will be guided to the specific essence you need from The Emerald Heart Essence range. I will post this to you or you can take it via an app. Emerald Heart Essences cost £20. They are taken for a month and continue the healing process for six weeks.

When you have a Divine Plan Healing Session, I will send you a bottle of Goddess of Light Essence, to take immediately after your healing. This continues the healing process for six weeks. Goddess of Light Essences are included in the price of your one to one healing. If they are purchased after a group healing, the cost is £23.50 per bottle plus postage & packing (if the app is not being used).

Essences snet through the post contain water, alcohol, energy patterns and The Emerald Heart Light or the Goddess of Light. If you do not wish to have alcohol in your essence bottle, please let me know & I can make you an Essence using water.

It might be helpful to know that the Essences are unique to The Emerald Heart Light & Divine Plan Healing. The are not flower remedies (although they are taken in a similar way), homeopathic remedies or essential oils (to be heated or used in scent diffusers).

It is ahelpful to keep a diary / journal, whilst you are taking Essences, to note changes you observe.

Three drops (for alcohol/ water mix) or two drops (for water) of Essence are taken in a glass or bottle of water 3 times a day. Usually on getting up, around lunchtime or before bedtime. You can download my PDF instructions here. Or use the app & sit for 30 seconds to allow the transmission to happen.

You can book a Distant Divine Plan Healing here. You can book an Emerald Heart Light consultation, by paying a deposit here.

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing was revealed to Lynne Shaw (Emerald Heart practitioner) in 2013. In 2014, she was guided to hand the Healing to Harriët Kroon (Emerald Heart Practitioner). Harriët went on to found the Divine Plan Healing School, in the Netherlands, where I was attuned & trained. Alexandra Meyn has now the the taken over running of the Divine Plan Healing Academy and bought in exciting changes.

Divine Plan Healing is a powerful union of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies. It uses the Light of The Emerald Heart & the love & wisdom of Mary Magdalene’s Energy, to help you step into your own Divine Plan. The more you work with the Healing System, the faster your personal evolution proceeds. You will find yourself able live according to your blueprint, as you step into your unique path and your power.

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Before your appointment we will talk on Zoom, Face Time, Skype or the phone, to set a healing target for you. Targets are based around your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or energetic needs. Once we start talking, the specific wording of your target/s will become clear.

We will set a time when I will witness (send) healing to you & book a follow up appointment for a month’s time.

I will send your high vibrational Goddess of Light Essence in the post, so that you have it ready to take after your healing or you will take it via the app. The essence lasts for a month (taking 3 drops in water 3 times a day), but extends the healing by 6 weeks. Payment is made before your appointment.

At the agreed time, you will lie down in a comfy place, with a blanket or sheet over you and a glass of water nearby with 3 drops of essence in or your app to hand. I will sit in my space at the same time & start the healing as I bring in The Light with invocations and mantras.

You may or may not feel temperature changes or have sensations in your body. The healing is working for your highest good, no matter what you feel or don’t feel.

After an hour, or just before, if you feel the healing finishing, slowly get up & drink your water.

I ask you to e-mail your experience of the healing in a few words afterwards.

We will speak again after 4 weeks, to see how the target has unfolded.

It costs £95. You can see what is included and book here.

Divine Plan Healing , was channelled in 2013 – almost 100 years after Reiki – so it is a healing system for our times and well suited to people of the 21st Century.

Divine Plan Healings works with the Emerald Heart Light, which shows the truth in our hearts e.g. gifts, talents and life mission. Working with this special Light, helps people live in alignment with the truth of who they really are and what they are here on earth to do.

Divine Plan Healings are extended and deepened by taking Goddess of LightEssence, following the healing session. This offers a unique 6-week transformation process.

In Divine Plan Healing Sessions, I am the facilitator, inviting the Light to directly carry out healing with individuals (through invocations and mantras). The Light does not come through my hands as it does in Reiki.

Emerald Heart Light Consultations

The Emerald Heart Light is a powerful evolutionary Spiritual Light, which heals through evolving the consciousness of humans. The Light, is way ahead of its time. It is a Light of Truth & was channelled by David Ashworth in 2005.

The Emerald Heart Light is five dimensional, which means it transcends time & space, to go deep into our hearts and consciousness. It enables us to face the truth of what is holding us back so that we can make changes and transform. This can be challenging, but ultimately it offers us the opportunity to live in alignment with our life’s purpose, which means the rewards are profound. The more you work with this Light, the faster your own personal development & evolution will proceed.

The Light of the Emerald Heart enables me to look deep into your heart, where all limitations and truths are held. As the Light illuminates your inner being, your own Higher Self will show the me what needs to change.

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We will book a time for you to call me. During this appointment, you can explain your issues / concerns. Although you may struggle with a variety of issues in your life, I will be shown one particular fear.

I will then spend time after our call, listening to guidance, as to where I need to focus to get the most appropriate movement in your consciousness for you. In doing this, the issue that prevents your consciousness from evolving to the next level will be revealed. This block to your evolution, can be targeted with a High Vibrational Emerald Heart Essence.

We will speak again in a day or two and I will feedback and send your Emerald Heart Light Essence.

Follow up appointments are booked in 4 weeks.

Read more about the benefits

I charge £60 an hour. Payment is for the number of minutes we speak. Essences are an additional £20.

I ask for a £50 deposit before appointments (non-refundable unless 24 hours notice is given)

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Essences are unique to the Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing systems. They are Keys to Transformation with each Essence carrying a unique Vibration.

During your consultation, a specific Emerald Heart Essence will be chosen, which brings Light and Energy to a specific issue that has been identified. Each Emerald Heart Essence has a different reading. The reading for the Essence you take will be sent to you.

Goddess of Light Essence helps to build on self-love and self-worth. It extends Divine Plan Healing targets for six weeks.

Essences can be received in the following ways:

Posted in small glass bottles, containing an alcohol / water mix.

•Posted in small glass bottles, containing water only.

• Sent via an Energy transmission through an app

An unopened small bottle of mineral water is placed in a sacred place, for example on an altar, near crystals or flowers or a special image. It is labelled with the name of the Essence. You then contact me to let me know that the bottle is ready and I will arrange for the vibration of the Essence to be transferred to the bottle overnight. The bottle will be ready to use the following morning

Essence are taken three times a day, every day until they are finished: on waking, around lunchtime and before going to bed.

  • Glass bottles of alcohol and water, take three drops, three times a day in water
  • Glass bottles of water, take two drops, three times a day in water
  • Mineral water bottles, take a teaspoon, three 3 times a day in water.
  • Open the app & sit for 30 seconds, as the energy of the essence is transmitted to you
  • Goddess of Light Essence is £25 if posted, £23 foran Energy Transmission
  • For Emerald Heart Essences the price varies depending on the Essence taken. Between £18 to £25 if posted or £15 to £20 for an Energy transmission

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