Emerald Heart Light Essences
and Goddess of Light Essence

These unique, high vibrational keys to transformation, penetrate deep inside your being, to reveal your truth.

What are the essences?

Each Essence carries a unique energy signature to support your spiritual evolution.

There are several Emerald Heart Light Essences, each with a different vibration and reading. During your consultation, a specific Emerald Heart Light Essence will be selected for you, which brings Light to a specific fear that has been identified. Essences last for a month, after which a follow up appointment can be made. Monthly appointments are often needed to work through related fears, until a conclusion is reached.

Goddess of Light Essence helps to build on self-love and self-worth. The Essence extends Divine Plan Healing targets for a six weeks. Follow up appointments are made after.

How do I receive and take an Essence

How do I receive an essence?

Choose the best way for you, either by post or Energy Transmission.

Posting your Essence, is generally easier, when it sent within the same country (I am UK based). Small glass bottles containing a water/ alcohol mix or just water (as in the images above) are posted to you.

An Energy transmission works along the same principles as distant healing. It involves placing a small, unopened bottle of mineral water in a meaningful place, such as near crystals, a plant or a special image. I will then arrange for the specific Essence signature to be transferred to the bottle overnight .

How do I take an essence?

Essence are taken three times a day (on waking, around lunchtime and before going to bed) every day until they are finished: .

Small glass bottles of alcohol and water, take three drops, three times a day in water

Small glass bottles of water, take two drops, three times a day in water

Mineral water bottles, take a teaspoon, three times a day in water.

Cost of Essences

• Goddess of Light Essence, £25 if posted, £20 for an Energy transmission

• For Emerald Heart Essences, the price varies depending on the Essence taken. Between £18 to £25 if posted or £15 to £20 for an Energy transmission

Book a consultation

Why not contact me to talk about how these Essences can support your healing journey via Divine Plan Healing or Emerald Heart Light consultations?

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing
  • 15 Minute initial consultation to set healing target
  • 1 Hour Divine Plan Healing
  • Goddess of Light Essence, which extends the healing process or 6 weeks
  • 15 Minute follow up call 4 weeks after the healing date

The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light
  • Consultation booked to talk about the issues you need help with.
  • Key fear identified and an Emerald Heart Essence selected to dissolve this fear.
  • Review and follow up consultation booked after 4 weeks.

I work within the ethical framework of the Divine Plan Healing School which means I have regular supervision and mentoring with a senior practitioner. Please see the website for further details https://www.divineplanhealingschool.org