Divine Plan Distant Healing


Receive a Divine Plan Healing from the comfort of your own home, we set a healing target you wish to focus on and arrange a convenient time/date for the healing to take place.

  • 15 Minute initial consultation to set healing target
  • 1 Hour Divine Plan Healing – lasts up to six weeks
  • Divine Love Essence to support the process
  • 15 Minute follow up call 4 weeks after the healing date


How it works

Step 1

15 Minute Consultation
We will have a brief chat to help you choose a healing target, I can provide more insight on possible and help you find the right target.

Step 2

1 Hour Divine Plan Healing
After arranging a time you wish to receive the healing you will prepare as per the instructions I have given you from the consultation. Relax and enjoy the healing process.

Step 3

Divine Love Essence
Immediately after the healing you will take 3 drops of the essence in water. You will continue to take the essence three times a day which will extend the healing effects for up to six weeks.

Step 4

15 Minute Follow up call
4 Weeks after the chosen healing date we will have a chat to see what effects the healing had and discuss any continued support or questions.

How Divine Plan Healing can support you

  • The Mental Level, to help let go of patterns, worries, thoughts and beliefs.

  • The Emotional Level, to help deal with emotions e.g. fear, anger, grief, love and happiness.

  • The Physical Level relates to the body and health problems. Whilst I have had good experience of supporting those with health concerns, please note, this is not an alternative to seeking medical expertise.
  • The Energetic Level, cleanses and balances the auras and chakras.

  • The Spiritual Level can be used to develop spiritual abilities and to improve your relationship with God consciousness, Angels and any other level of consciousness in the Universe.

  • For your Highest Good, for when you would like a healing, but there is no specific issue or target.

  • Event healings, which can be sent to events for the highest good of the individual / those concerned. They are given to support the event, without attachment.

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