“These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them”


What type of Healing do you offer?

I work with The Emerald Heart Light offering both Divine Plan Healing Sessions & Emerald Heart Essence Consultations. Both use unique Essences, which last for a month and deepen and extend healing for six weeks.
See which you are drawn to.

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing uses the Light of the Emerald Heart and the Energy of Mary Magdalene, to help you step into your own Divine Plan / Blueprint. The life you were born to live.

The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light is a powerful evolutionary, Spiritual Light, which heals through evolving the consciousness of humans.

This can be challenging, but ultimately offers you the opportunity to live in alignment with your life’s purpose adn truths, so the rewards are profound and deep.

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