The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald Heart Light

Let me reveal blocks to your consciousness,
so that you can evolve.

Imagine how good that would make you feel.

Although you may struggle with a variety of issues in your life, The Emerald Heart Light will show me the specific issue / limiting factor that prevents your consciousness from evolving to the next level. This block to your evolution will take the form of a fear, which when revealed, can be targeted with a high vibrational Emerald Heart Essence.

Ways the Light can assist you

It helps those who know they are on a spiritual path and have a desire to grow spiritually and those who would like help with other life issues such as:

  • Health concerns. Whilst we have good experience supporting those with health concerns, please note, this is not an alternative to seeking medical advice.

  • Rebalancing the physical body

  • Anxiety and low mood

  • Resolving relational problems

  • Patterns that keep repeating in your life

  • Feeling stuck and blocked in life and work

  • Knowing you need to make changes, but unable to do so

Step 1

Book a personal consultation
Book an appointment so we can talk about the issues you need help with.

Step 2

Identification of key fear and Essence to dissolve this
After your consultation, I will determine the key fears blocking you and call to explain how I can help you to dissolve them, with an Emerald Heart Essence. I will send the Essence by post or via a transmission to a bottle to mineral water. It is taken 3 times a day (in a glass of water ) for month.

Step 3

Follow up Consultation

After a month, we will review how you are getting on and the changes that have occurred. New targets are often identified in these appointments.

Get in contact to book an appointment and see how The Light can serve you.

The Light is accessible to everyone, if you are reading this and it resonates with you, it is The Light calling you and touching your heart.

I work within the ethical framework of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment which means I have regular supervision and mentoring with a senior practitioner. Please see the website for further details